The next generation firewall

Cyber security space is like exploring the ocean, where only 5% is known and visible for all. At Stonesoft, we are dedicated for continuous exploration to discover best emerging protections to beat the known and still unknown threats.

Very rapid digitalization of past few years has not only created vast amount of new opportunities, but also introduced new cyber security risks that can destroy anything and everything what is valued in modern societies. It is therefore today an imperative to consider cyber security more strategically, and to make all components work together holistically and systemically.

As a result, in 2008 new category of next generation firewalls was created to mitigate more sophisticated threats. It added contextual awareness and deep inspection beyond the traditional packet filtering to traditional firewall capabilities. This surely was a welcomed improvement, but not anymore enough to tackle today’s dynamic threats.

Stonesoft raised the bar in 2013 by introducing the next Next Generation Firewall, which is a seamless combination of Stonesoft’s Unified Software Core and Security Management Center. It offers immense benefits over traditional next generation firewalls being seamlessly transformable, and providing more granular contextual awareness, state of the art high availability and industry’s most appreciated protection against advanced evasions techniques based advanced persistent threats.

Unified software core architecture of Stonesoft NGFW provides high performance without sacrificing adaptability to new cyber security challenges. With its all inclusive licensing one can easily choose the right operational security product role of a unified software code and turn the needed features on without added or hidden costs

Advanced targeted threats are using evasion techniques and new delivery methods that are penetrating existing security defenses.

- Gartner

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Neil Mc Donald from Gartner discusses next generation security. NSS Labs is the globally recognized leader in independent security research and testing.

Neil MacDonald from Gartner discusses next generation security

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